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Our Wines

The partnership of Gayle and Serena are passionate about making great wines that express the vineyard and in the first years concentrated on establishing a premium vineyard whilst honing their skills as vignerons. Over the years Serengale has produced a small volume of wine for local restaurants and outlets as well as supplying high quality grapes to a number of notable wineries such as Giaconda and Savaterre. It is time for Serengale to showcase the now mature vineyard.

Our wine is made from specially selected handpicked bunches using wild yeast, gentle handling, unfiltered, low intervention wine making techniques. The wines are given plenty of time to mature, both in the best French oak barrels and in the bottle  before releasing to produce intricate, intense yet delicate wines. Gayle focuses on expressing the season, the variety and the select areas of the vineyard, to make hand crafted wines that reflect a sense of place and season.

Serengale Chardonnay & New Varieties

Concentrating firstly on producing chardonnay wine, planted on south east slope of the vineyard at 325 meters in Devonian soil, Mother Nature has thrown a great deal at us and we are proud to say we have made some fabulous wines. There were years when she beat us and in keeping our pledge to make wines that are a reflection of place, we decided not to make chardonnay in 2009 and 2011.

In 2015 we produced our first small quantities of cabernet merlot, merlot cabernet with shiraz, rose and a straight merlot to follow. Our Serengale wines are made in small quantities cared for by hand with great attention to detail, bottled on site to express the vineyard and the season.